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Project Book, Mangrove LinuxBios

Mathieu Deschamps, mathdesc chez yahoo point fr

v1.01, August 2005
This is a RD project book around LinuxBios, Freebios, OpenBios. It explains BIOS and boot mechanisms. It describes how to setup, build, customize, and burn a CMOS with your own Linuxbios free bios on x86 architecture. This document is an HOW-TO which describes a protocol to carry out a working Linuxbios prototype on VIA EPIA mainboard in a constraint milieu. But much more than a HOWTO this project book : 1. develops reasons why solutions are promoted or demoted; 2. lets indications for other case studies based upon experiments; 3. explains indeep Linuxbios internal mechanisms; 4. proposes various architectures; 5. goes forward for Linuxbios developpers.

1. Introduction

2. Project

3. Linux and the BIOS : Linuxbios !

4. Software solutions for your Linuxbios

5. HOWTO VIA EPIA-M motherboard case

6. Conclusion

7. Glossary

8. Appendix

9. GNU Free Documentation License (Copyright)

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