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Computing Science works

I've made a research during my university cursus on biometrics and recognition systems. This enables specifications, and a prestudy [PDF] to be sketched accuratly. It leads to a tiny prototype implementation of an asymetric authentification & certification system using eigenvectors with simple math. models via Octave. Joined GPL'ed documentation [PDF] flowcharts describes an industrial system that cares about privacy and human ethics.

I also took part as student on a L.I.H research for document processing. This PhD project I took part was to process pictures by segmentation, strip by strip, in order to obtain a sheet layout where largest optimal blank rectangles in the sheet would be calculated letting the system "aware" of void spaces. I designed a fast and optimal non-deterministic algorithm for x86 cpus using C as well as a document [PDF] describing its design.The project master document [PDF] from thewhole university project.

Within a student project group, I've discovered video games programming. On purpose from a naïv starting point, we did conceived and carried out "from scratch" -choice of a didactic approch,- a simple arcade "video game" coded in C under X with Allegro (sources 4.0.1 with its install. Readme file - in thoses days ;) : XjAC, documentation [SDW] or [PDF] <screenshots>

I have carried out a FreeBios (aka OpenBios) LinuxBios at Mangrove Systems. This is a libre, fast bugfree BIOS firmware coded in x86 assembly and C that boots a given kernel on VIA EPIA-M boards. I still maintain a version of Linuxbios GPL'ed documentation HTML online formatted here or a PDF format is available here in [English] in [Français] also a released version can be found permanantly there on Linuxbios site.

Embedded computing

I have presented my tech-stories on FLOSS R&D on Linux Embedded Systems at the Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciels Libres 2008, here is a (french) resume . I have given a chance to Scenari SSS publishing workflow. In this case I wished that audience could fellow (or review later on) the (french) conference from this favorite web browser on their notebook. Meanwhile I also could steer my speech from Orator booklet. In the end they were given a (french) Reader booklet[ODT] in memorandum.

In a fixed rate team at Sogeti High-Tech I did a work mostly in open source consulting, in lowlevel-embedded specific studing as well as in chip architecture studing. I started a project audit : feasability, experiment methodology (I've coded a dedicated extensible and portable tool : base), codes quality methodology, reverseengineering and technology prospective. I took part in the R&D of U-Boot firmware version for a Blackfin DSP based gateway custom board design and debug (for hours) this arch. I finally gave advises in Linux Kernel for device drivers design and help further describing interactions with the dedicated VoIP phone software they've made.

I was working at Nextlane (formerly Com2gether) as R&D engineer in charge of an embedded linux, Board Support Package (BSP) development and of our "home-grown" embedded system integration. Mainly coding language is C as well as script languages. Worked with 2.4, 2.6 series GNU/Linux kernels on OS core componants, device drivers, debugging componants mainly to realized portage from a base developement board or to backport codes to match industrial specifications. Here are projects I work on:

While studing, I described Smart Mobile Objects Technologies (like embedded systems) as a major vector of expansion of the mobile branch of E-Commerce, the M-Commerce which seems more promising than the first in terms of market and hopes. This complete study [PDF] is exploratory, it reveals the actors, the helpers and the opponents, the target, fields of applied technologies and the means. This breif [PDF] describes this theses parts and explains the motivation and the spirit of this work.

"Works & Plans" of my spare time

Yes because there is always something of the like, a "hobby" section. Theses are activities I have :

Associative and Personnal engagements

Also sometimes you realized some activities you're most involved in, really... take time. But you like it. So do I.

Employement, Project ..

Freelancing, I'am always on the edge looking for employement, projects you can mail me directly.

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